Electronic ID

BankID has become the number one national electronic ID and signing solution in Norway.

After 15 years in the market, our eID is now used by almost 100 percent of the population, 18 times a month, for thousands of services in both the private and public sector. Our eID has become Norway´s gateway of choice to digital life in general, and a great contributor to Norway being one of the most digitized countries in the world.

BankID is an electronic ID and Signature based on a Public Key Infrastructure. This means it has the highest possible standards of governance, with system rules, policies and processes that ensure compliance and quality, underpinned by trust and integrity. BankID employs two-factor authentication with a thorough ID control rated on the highest security level in Europe. The same solution is used for electronic signing, which is also compliant with the EU eIDAS regulation.

A 24/7 anti-fraud system ensures that the service is safe and secure. The service is always up and running, handling up to 4 million logins and signatures a day.

All-mobile and easy to use

BankID is built on an open standard called Open ID Connect, which is widely recognized as a high-quality authentication protocol. The new BankID app uses biometrics to verify the true identity of the user, rendering the everyday use of passwords unnecessary. The all-mobile experience is extremely popular and highly rated by subscribers, who enjoy its ease of use. Feedback shows that 85% of BankID users say that the app is easy to use. With a connected device, all you need to do is log in, and you can shop safely or sign an agreement with thousands of different services.

Boosting digitization of the society

Since 2012 BankID has become the preferred way to enter governmental services. The health services are popular, especially renewing prescriptions, checking private health journals, and changing doctors or appointments. For business entrepreneurs, it’s easy to register a company online and have a business up and running in 24 hours.

For banks, BankID has been essential to online banking for years. The loan process is reduced to a matter of just one or two days, instead of weeks. Users can give their consent for required information to be gathered from public registers. No paper is required, and in some banks only machines and algorithms are used to make a lending decision.

The platform economy also uses BankID to create trust between parties. Sharing cars, tools, homes, and anything else online becomes a safer and more secure process when the identities of the people involved are verified.

A simple login too

Vipps utilises a simple login for organisations that want to say goodbye to usernames and passwords and tedious registration processes for users. Vipps Login is well suited for registering and logging in to online stores, online newspapers, content providers, member organizations and service providers.

Vipps Login requires no credentials and has lower security strength than BankID. The combination of simple log in for a personalized reception to known users and stepping up with BankID for secure sensitive information and actions, is user friendly.


  • 100% market penetration in Norway (age 20 - 59)
  • 18 logins per user per month
  • 90% market share in governmental services
  • 15 years in operation (launched in 2004)

True identities

High level secure identification online ensures a safe and private communication between the merchant and identified users. There are no fake identities as each user goes through a thorough ID control in the bank.


Signing of documents is more fun when it can be done on the move. No more scanning, faxing and paper cuts. Digital signatures are legally binding and documents are stamped and verified in Adobe Reader as BankID is listed as a trusted signature. Documents signed with BankID are eIDAS compliant.


Anti Money Laundering

BankID AML gives access to the information required to make customer and business control more easy and effective. Get a compliant identification of customers, politically exposed persons, sanctions lists, shareholder structure, signing authority and real rights holders.

Age control

Age control in online services is tricky without a high level authentication. When the merchant gets the birth date information of the visitor, it can accept or deny the deal, contract or sale. Age control using electronic ID is also used to enter solariums and to buy medicines or tobacco in self-service stores.


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