A winning wallet

Payments in Norway have become super easy with Vipps. All you need is a phone.

We started our journey on payment simplification in 2015, when we created our mobile wallet to make it easier for people to send and receive money. Since then, more and more transactions are being made using mobile wallets. This is not because cards are inefficient, but rather because a platform like Vipps provides smarter features, which users love for their ability to make payments simpler. That’s what we do at Vipps. Our mobile wallet is exciting people every day through world-class simplification.

We have also connected our mobile wallet with state-of-the-art electronic ID, which allows for both increased security and a faster sign-up process. Security, intelligence, collaboration and simplification is our recipe for developing the most desirable mobile wallet in the market.

When Vipps was first launched, the platform’s core features and its ability to make transactions simpler for users was so appealing, that 20 percent of the Norwegian market adopted our technology in the first year. Today, our mobile wallet is used by 75 percent of the Norwegian population over the age of 15. Continuous innovation and new features including a bill payment facility, account balance display, and in-store and e-commerce payments have ensured increased engagement with customers. As a result of the country’s widespread adoption of our mobile wallet, Vipps has become the strongest brand in Norway.

Our success has achieved worldwide attention and now we are ready to share our knowledge and experience of best practice in mobile payments. We hope to offer our wallet on a global scale, either directly to consumers or in collaboration with local partners.


  • 80% market penetration in Norway (Age 15+)
  • 12-13 app logins per user per month
  • 5 years in operation (Launched in 2015)
  • Distributed by 101 banks

Peer-to-peer (P2P)

The core service of the mobile wallet. Users can very easily send money, request funds or settle accounts instantly. Our solution is built to utilise either credit/debit cards or bank accounts as funding sources. Connecting to a real time account-to-account infrastructure enables the best user experience possible, and allows for greater choice, flexibility and freedom.

Electronic Bill presentment and payment (EBPP)

Letting your customers receive or pay invoices directly via their device in one step, without the need to enter any additional information. You can add postponed bill payments with a fixed fee. The users get a new due date and the credit is provided by financial institutions. Paper and email invoices can easily be scanned and payed using the camera.


Check account balance

Vipps provides an overview of the balance of all your accounts. This popular feature contributes to a higher daily usage. That’s why this feature has become an important add-on. With the development of open banking, third parties outside the traditional banking sphere have the opportunity to integrate this feature with PSD2 application planning interface (API).


Vipps’ e-commerce solutions will provide a better user experience, enabling a simpler and much faster way to pay online, using only one click. Our e-commerce solutions enable businesses to access a variety of payment options through an API, and are suited to both small and large businesses as well as apps, online stores and other digital sales channels.


Person to small businesses payments

Vipps simplifies the payment process for smaller merchants, clubs and associations, without the need to invest in costly hardware like POS terminals. All that vendors need is a telephone number displayed using QR code. The wallet user scan it, and enters the sum and click to pay.

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